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Rajasthan Desert Safari (08 Nights/ 09 Days)
'' I wish I could spend some more nights in the tents at the Sam sand dunes. The natives of Khuri village near Jaisalmer were truly a friendly lot. The travel manager was very friendly and pleasant''.
- Anna Niel, Liverpool (England)

Rajasthan with Khajuraho (15 Nights/ 16 Days)
'' Choose blue, gold, pink, white or ....... you definitely have a city to match it in Rajasthan. The experience is further enhanced if you get hold of a perfect travel agent. And I must admit I was fortunate to find one''.
- Kevin Payne, Belfast (Northern Ireland)

Imperial Rajasthan Tour (16 Nights/ 17 Days)
'' The trip was a total delight, filled with a variety of experiences. We never had to wait for the private coach during our trip. Accommodation too was an experience. The guide seemed to be loaded with local knowledge''.
- Laurence Kazez, Aberdeen (Scotland)

Golden Triangle (08 Nights/ 09 Days)
'' It's been only two days since I returned from my trip. I really miss those moments of our stay at the Alsisar Haveli. Meals were too good and we liked the way the travel manager took care of us right from the beginning''.
- Linda Jackson, Lisburn (Northern Ireland)

Rajasthan Plus (18 Nights/ 19 Days)
'' The services were truly gratifying. Susan and I enjoyed our time during the trip. We are already planning another visit to India with Rajasthan India''.
- William Morris, London (England)

Desert Delight (15 Nights/ 16 Days)
'' I consider myself a man of varied interests. And India seemed to be a destination just to fit in with. Troubles did arise at some points but they were short-lived as the specialised travel assistants very soon controlled the circumstances. The trip, as a whole, was a success indeed''.
- K.W.Reeves, London (England)

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