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Rajasthan Culture

Rajasthan CultureRajasthan culture cannot be merely expressed in black and white words. The best way to actually know is to experience its grandeur by being a part of it. As a visitor you will come across various facet of Rajasthan culture that will definitely enthrall you.

The Celebration of Life time!
The Dance and music Rajasthan attracts all kind of tourists. They are heady, exciting, hypnotic and compelling… and very much a part of the eternal appeal of this strange and wondrous land. They constitute the very warp and weft of life in Rajasthan-indeed the state has a very vibrant, highly evolved tradition of performing arts carefully nurtured and sustained over the centuries. Some of the famous dances of rajasthan are ghoomar, Kachhi Godhi , Kabeliya etc.

From the Royal Kitchens!!
Rajasthan endorse many fine kitchen - both within the palaces and outside. Princely kitchens have produced mouthwatering dishes of shikar meat. The smoked Rajasthani kebab - sule - is bare-be-cued in about a dozen different ways. At the other extreme is Maheshwari Cuisine or the vegetarian cuisine of the Maheshwars of the Marwar or the Jodhpur area. You must try the spicy Dal baati of Rajasthan and you will definitely be left wanting for more.

Celebrating Life!!!
People of Rajasthan rejoice every moment of life. There is a fair for every religious occasion, every change of season and every harvest, all invariably a reflection of the genius of their arts and crafts and their ascetic refinement. Rajasthan has all the usual Hindu and Muslim festivals, some celebrated with special local fervor as well as a number of festivals of its own. Some of the famous festivals of Rajasthan are Marwar festival, Pushkar fair, Desert festival and many other.

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